Looking for answers

Here are but a few of life’s unanswered questions. Do you have an answer to any of them? Is your answer within Ted Sturgeon’s 10%, or is it in the other 90%?

Picture of a Sturgeon (not Ted)

A Sturgeon (not Ted)

Who is to blame for the lack of sunspots? The sun has yet to begin the next cycle of spots. What, or rather who, is holding it back? It can’t be Obama, because the lack of spots started during the Bush administration.

In politics, why do the left, the liberals, the folks who want to liberate my property from me, always have the best songs? Right-wing kooks can’t sing their way out of a teakettle. But what’s the cause? Does trendy music cause trendy politics, or vice-versa?

Doesn’t anybody read anymore? You’re reading this blog, but you are in a dreadful minority. Most people seem to prefer pretty pictures and catchy slogans.

Answers, folks, answers from that precious ten percent!


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